Artist Handcrafts Tiny Birdhouses With Delightfully Decorated Interiors

Fascinated by the birds in her own backyard, Maine-based artist and avian enthusiast Jada Fitch has created an adorable series of one-of-a-kind “Chickadee Houses.” Like a typical birdhouse, each tiny dwelling provides shelter and seed for some particularly fortunate fowl. However, unlike the traditional model, the artist’s houses are furnished, decorated, and even give Fitch a bird’s eye view of her feathered friends.

As an illustrator and animal lover, Fitch often drafts delightful drawings of creatures, from woodland critters to winged insects. Naturally, she is interested in observing her wildlife subjects. One day, in an attempt to bird-watch, Fitch decided to try luring the chickadees to her window with a cozy, food-filled house. Rather than simply tape a 3-sided box to her window, however, Fitch—ever the artist—opted to creatively decorate the tiny cardboard homes with watercolor illustrations and teeny-tiny furnishings. Her first creation is particularly charming: quirky portraits of birds are hung salon-style on the walls, which feature faux wallpaper, clever fake molding, and window cut-outs, while “hardwood” floors are covered in miniature rugs and pocket-sized chairs. Comfy and welcoming, the little lodging is more of a “bird home” than a “birdhouse.” Once her prototype was complete, she set up a camera to capture the visiting birds throughout their stay. 

After creating her first Chickadee House, Fitch constructed three more, and she now has plans for creating more—though she hopes to fine-tune her approach to design and construction. “Because the homes are mostly cardboard and watercolor, they don’t get left out long enough to get wet or destroyed by squirrels,” Fitch explained on her Tumblr. “A waterproof version prototype is in the works.” We’re sure the birds will sing with delight!

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All images via Jada Fitch Illustration.

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