Artist Skillfully Folds Single Sheets of Paper Into Expressive Origami Animals

Origami extraordinaire Gonzalo Garcia Calvo meticulously crafts expressive and imaginative paper creatures. Using only his hands and a single, square sheet of colorful paper, the Madrid-based artist brings the animal kingdom to life through intricate folds.

From the cute and cuddly—like his slinky cats and energetic dogs—to more exotic wildlife—including a tiny treefrog and an elegant giraffe—the creatures that comprise his collection represent a wide array of animal life.  Some, like his exquisite unicorn and fierce dragon, are even mythical. Whether real or imaginary, however, all of his creations demonstrate Calvo’s indisputable talent and unwavering patience.

While many modern origami artists use multiple sheets of paper, adhesives, and scissors to sculpt their creations, Calvo’s method remains true to the ancient craft’s rudimentary roots; he uses just one square of paper per piece and only his fingers to bring his fantastic designs to life. He does, however, enjoy experimenting with different patterns, textures, and types of paper—including one that features fur, making his wooly mammoth actually wooly!

Through his stunning sculptures, Gonzalo Garcia Calvo successfully communicates the “feeling of fragility and delicacy” intrinsic to the origami art form. 

Gonzalo Garcia Calvo: Flickr 
via [Citkart]

All images via Gonzalo Garcia Calvo.

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