Artist Uses Her Body as a Canvas in Series of Beautiful Ink Drawings

Randa Haddadin Body Art

Lately, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have been flooded with a renaissance of unique tattoo art. Many young people today enjoy the self-expression of adding art to their own skin, even when it’s in temporary form. Such is the case for artist Randa Haddadin, who has taken her romantic painting style to a reusable canvas—her body.

Based in Dubai, Haddadin’s art explores emotions, people, and dance. Recently, the artist has transferred her expressive technique to a series of body art illustrations. “It started a few years back as a spontaneous gesture without overthinking or much preparation—where all you need is a pen and, well, a leg or arm or back,” says Haddadin. “One canvas with so many temporary possibilities. A moment in time that’s not meant to last, but kept as a memory.” Fortunately, each drawing Haddadin makes on her legs or arms is documented on her Instagram before it disappears. Among her works are portraits, dancing figures, architecture, and botanical motifs.

“It’s a therapeutic process for me, where I don’t need to worry about the end result—keeping it, preserving it, or selling it. Instead, I can focus on the process of creating and enjoy the spontaneous strokes. The comfort of its temporariness gives me more room to be braver with my lines, unlike a permanent tattoo or a sealed oil painting,” explains Haddadin.

You can follow Haddadin on Instagram to keep up to date with her latest body art creations.

Artist Randa Haddadin draws spectacular illustrations on her own thighs.

Randa Haddadin Body Art

Her body art celebrates the creative process, as each work is only temporary.

Randa Haddadin Body Art

Before Haddadin’s illustrations “disappear,” she documents them in her Instagram—for which she has gained a large following.

Randa Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin Body ArtRanda Haddadin: Website | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Randa Haddadin.

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