Australia Gets Some Welcome Relief Thanks to Torrential Rains

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There’s finally some relief for those battling against the Australian bushfires, which have been raging since last summer. Since Thursday, an incredible amount of rain has swept over the affected areas—some of which have been facing droughts for years. While the downpours didn’t put out all of the fires—82 are still burning—it did manage to extinguish a quarter of what was blazing. Across the country, people are celebrating this onset of rain, but there are some issues arising because of the sudden storms.

As the rain settled in, with some areas reportedly getting a month’s worth in a few hours, there were concerns about flash floods. And as forecasters predict more rain in the coming days, the flood threat increases. Part of the issue is that in many areas affected by the long period of drought, as well as those burned in the bushfires, there is a lack of vegetation to soak up the water. This causes the rain to simply run off the ground, washing debris and ash onto the roads. Additionally, trees that have been weakened by the fires are at risk of falling.

In Victoria, the State Emergency Service posted several photos of the wreckage on Facebook, including a photo of a massive, 13-foot-deep sinkhole that opened up. However, there’s no doubt that, even with these issues, the rain is what many have been praying for. For those suffering in the fires, as well as the firefighters working to put out the flames, there’s no better gift.

“This will be all of our Christmas, birthday, engagement, anniversary, wedding and graduation presents rolled into one,” New South Wales RFS posted to Twitter. “Fingers crossed.”

Firefighters are embracing torrential downpours that are assisting their efforts to combat the Australian Bushfires.

However, the rain has also caused its own issues, including fallen trees and massive sinkholes.

But overall it’s good news, with those affected by fires and drought are also celebrating.

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