Baker Creates Spectacular Pie Crust Designs That Look like Works of Art

The term “easy as pie” might be true for some, as many avid bakers know that making the perfect pastry is by no means simple. However, one home baker to excel at the delectable art form is Seattle-based Lauren Ko. From complex lattices to patterns made of colorful fruit, her spectacular, geometric pie crust designs showcase the baker’s incredible talent and creativity.

Surprisingly, Ko started baking pies just 2 years ago, proving some people are just naturals in the kitchen. While many bakers swear by precise recipes, Ko often improvises when it comes to her pies’ surface designs. “I’m driven by color and pattern, so I’m constantly brainstorming color combinations and geometric patterns that I think I can replicate with pie dough [and] fruit,” she explains. “What I create during a particular baking session is also often informed by produce that is in season and what’s currently in my fridge. My final products are generally happy accidents.”

Now with over 200,000 Instagram followers, scrolling through Ko’s feed feels like visiting a contemporary art gallery—each edible work of art is a feast for the eyes (and no doubt a celebration for the taste buds). There’s a rainbow-coloured apple tart, a vibrant pink blackberry pie with a black sesame dragonfruit crust and a cherry crown, and even a pretty rhubarb cherry pie topped with edible flowers.

You can see even more of Ko’s artistic pies on Instagram.

Home baker Lauren Ko creates spectacular geometric pie crust designs that look almost too good to eat.

From complex lattices…

…to geometric patterns made of colorful fruit…

…each edible work of art is a feast for the eyes (and no doubt the taste buds).

Lauren Ko: Instagram

All images via Lauren Ko.

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