Beautiful Flower Flash Arrangements Appear on the Streets of NYC

Floral designer Lewis Miller crafts massive pop-up flower arrangements that occupy New York City streets. Calling each iteration a “Flower Flash,” the stunning collection of roses, lilies, cherry blossoms, and more are an unexpected and welcome sight to the gritty backdrop of the urban environment. He’s previously dressed phone booths and trash cans with the tumbling flowers, and more recently, he’s concentrated on the area in which his abundance of blooms appear. Miller and his Lewis Miller Design (LMD) team have placed their arrangements near hospitals to honor healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line as they care for people during COVID-19.

One of Miller’s latest flashes was outside of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. There, blooms wrapped around a lamp post and also decorated the ground beside it. “New York healthcare workers continue to go above and beyond taking care of those in need during this pandemic,” Miller thoughtfully wrote on Instagram.

Though the arrangement is immortalized on social media, the hospital’s security asked Miller’s team to take down their florals shortly after they were done—LMD didn’t initially ask for permission to set it up, but that didn’t stop the team from continuing to bring joy to those walking by. They gathered the flowers into bud vases and loose bouquets and handed them to nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers as they passed. The simple act brought many to tears.

Scroll down to see more stunning Flower Flash arrangements.

Lewis Miller and his talented team of floral artists decorate the New York City streets with stunning flower arrangements.

They call these installations a “Flower Flash.”

Most recently, they’ve centered their arrangements in honor of healthcare workers who are taking care of countless COVID-19 patients.

Lewis Miller Design: Website | Instagram
h/t: [CNN]

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