Beyoncé Fans Are “Crazy in Love” With This Artist’s Paintings of Her ‘Vogue’ Cover Shoot

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The internet was recently set ablaze with the reveal of Beyoncé’s much-anticipated Vogue cover. Prior to its debut, it was reported that Queen Bey had been instrumental in a history-making moment for the magazine. For the first time in the publication’s 126-year history, they hired a black photographer named Tyler Mitchell to shoot the cover image. And better yet, it was for the September issue, which is Vogue‘s largest and most popular edition each year.

When Beyoncé shared the images on her Instagram, they were met with great acclaim—simply put, they’re gorgeous. Illustrator Alice X. Zhang took her adoration of the images a step further by painting Beyoncé fan art. She illustrated three portraits, including the instantly iconic Bey wearing a massive floral headpiece.

Zhang is a professional illustrator who is currently working on Marvel’s Powers of a Girl. Her Beyoncé paintings were intended to be a warm-up, but she “got a bit carried away.” The images bear a striking resemblance to the iconic singer and are composed of satisfying, energetic brush strokes in the style of artist John Singer Sargent.

Since posting, Zhang’s images have gone viral. Her posts on Instagram and Twitter have collectively amassed hundreds of thousands of likes. It comes as no surprise that fans are requesting prints of her work. “You over slayed the unslayable,” one person tweeted, “amaaazing!”

Beyoncé recently revealed her cover for Vogue magazine. The image was made even better because it’s history-making—for the first time in Vogue‘s 126 years, a black photographer shot the cover.

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People everywhere were inspired, including illustrator Alice X. Zhang. She created her own Beyoncé fan art inspired by the Queen.

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People were fawning over Zhang’s renditions, and many want to buy prints.

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