Biologist Captures the Brilliant Details of Butterflies Perched on Flowers

Danaus plexippus

Butterflies often share just a moment of their beauty with us; before we can fully absorb and appreciate the brilliant coloring and patterning of their wings, they are gone. Self-taught photographer Adam Gor is a biology student based in Hungary whose work is dedicated to capturing a longer glimpse of these fleeting creatures. Specializing in macro nature photography, his travels have taken him across the country to shoot pictures of many incredible species as they rest—sometimes in pairs—on plants.

While Gor’s work showcases a variety of butterflies, his images share the same breathtaking qualities. Each is vivid in color and offers a striking clarity that allows us to enjoy every characteristic of the creatures—from their long, sloping antennas to their iridescent wings. It’s clear, from these images, that nature photography is Gor’s passion.

“Photography started to interest me in 2000 when I was six years old,” Gor explains, “and I got a Nikon compact camera. In 2007, I got a Panasonic bridge camera, which was quite a huge improvement compared to my previous one. This was the time when I started to deal more seriously with photography, and butterflies and moths became my main theme.”

Although he has been photographing for nearly all his life, Gor still considers himself an amateur. And like many photographers, he realizes that the equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll take great pictures; it’s about your artistic eye. “We [photographers] must take the best photos of our current knowledge and always try to show something new and give it to the audience as we see the world as a photographer.”

Adam Gor captures exquisite details in his vivid butterfly photography.

Macro Butterfly Photography

Euphydryas aurinia

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Plebejus argus

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Papilio glaucus

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Charaxes jasius

Macro Butterfly Photography

Callosamia promethea

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Samia ricini

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Nymphalis xanthomelas

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Euphydryas maturna

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Lycaena virgaureae

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Callophrys rubi

Nature Photography by Adam Gor

Papilio glaucus

Adam Gor: Website | Flickr | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Adam Gor.

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