Blockbuster Movie Posters Hilariously Reimagined With “Honest” Film Titles

Star Wars: Rogue One

Have you ever looked at a movie poster and wondered what the film was about? Titles, after all, can be misleading. Names like Passengers and Silence offer little in the way of telling you if the flick is something you’ll want to see. Thankfully, CollegeHumor is here to help with their Honest Movie Titles. They rebranded and redesigned some recently-released blockbusters to “accurately” reflect their plots.

The new titles aren’t really titles at all, but hilarious quips about the essences of each film. La-La Land, for instance, is the type of movie that many men begrudgingly see as a favor to their significant others—it’s now called You Owe It To Your Girlfriend. Likewise, Assassin’s Creed, whose premise comes from the video game franchise, is appropriately named Stop Making Video Game Movies. (Because we all know how great those aren’t.)

Perhaps the most honest poster is for Nicolas Cage’s newest flick. He’s the star of USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, which was retitled to Poor Nicolas Cage: He Deserves Better Than This. It perfectly sums up what you can expect when you watch that movie—the Oscar-winning actor is in another role that’ll put him in the running for a Razzie award.

What do you think of these honest movie titles? Do you agree?

honest movie titles

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

honest movie titles


honest movie titles

The Arrival

honest movie titles

Office Christmas Party

honest movie titles

La-La Land

honest movie titles


honest movie titles

Assassin’s Creed

honest movie titles


honest movie titles


honest movie titles


honest movie titles

Why Him?

honest movie titles

Dr. Strange

honest movie titles

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

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