“Blooming Marshmallow” Reveals a Flower-Shaped Treat When Placed in Hot Chocolate

As the weather outside grows blustery and cold, it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in hot chocolate. Of course, these sweet drinks aren’t complete without marshmallows, and chef Dominique Ansel is taking the annual treat a step further with his fluffy confections that bloom. Yes, that’s right—marshmallows that unfold and grow before your eyes, like a delicate flower that reveals its beauty petal by petal.

To create this bit of culinary magic, Ansel cut the marshmallow into a daisy-like shape and bundled it with a thin ring of white chocolate. When the marshmallow is dropped into the warm beverage, it melts and the flower begins to unfold—the effect is both mesmerizing and delicious.

Ansel’s handiwork is available at his bakeries in Tokyo, New York, and London. He’s also the creator of the famous cronut (an ingenious hybrid of a croissant and donut), which seems like the ideal companion to this indulgent drink.

Here are the marshmallows in action:

Video credit: @obsfood

Once opened, it looks almost too good to drink:

Photo credit: @sherri_orrapun

Here, the hot chocolate is paired with a cronut.
Photo credit: @sarahemed

At the Dominque Ansel Bakery in Japan, the marshmallows are made colorful.

Dominique Ansel Bakery: Website | Instagram | Facebook
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All images via Dominique Ansel Bakery unless otherwise noted.

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