Brighten Someone’s Day With One of These Funny Gifts for Friends

Funny Gifts for Friends

We all love to share a laugh with our friends. So, what better way to commemorate that joyous feeling than by giving a funny gift? Whether it’s for a birthday, a gift exchange, or a holiday, My Modern Met Store carries a range of whimsical products that are sure to put a smile on your friend’s face.

Like comedy, the key to picking the perfect funny gift is in the element of surprise. To do this, you’ll need to find products that think outside the box. The Big Wooden Cat Pile Game, for instance, is not only one of our bestsellers, but also an amusing “reverse Jenga” activity for cat-lovers. Alternatively, if you’re browsing for a passionate yogi, San Francisco-based designer Brogamats has made a delightfully unexpected desk accessory. Rainbow Joes: Series 1 Figurines displays a set of 9 colorful figures in classic yoga poses—spreading good vibes wherever they’re placed.

Shopping on a budget? No problem. In fact, setting a parameter in your browsing can make things easier and narrow down your choices. For example, accessories, like socks and enamel pins are great small presents that double as crowd-pleasing favorites. The Bob Ross Mug by Unemployed Philosophers Guild is favorited for its temperature changing background. Once the hot beverage of choice has been poured into the cup, a bucolic background will appear behind the beloved TV painter. Or, for those that prefer wearable gifts, Niaski’s Vincat van Gogh Enamel Pin combines art history and cats into one chic pin.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite funny gifts for friends, and head on over to My Modern Met Store to shop the entire collection.

These whimsical gifts will bring a smile to your friends’ faces!


Bob Ross Mug


Big Wooden Cat Pile

Funny Gifts for Friends!

Comma | $36


Rainbow Joes: Series 1 Figurines

Funny Gifts for Friends!

Brogamats | $25



Funny Gifts for Friends!

Artori Design | $27.50


Wicked Witch Bookmark

Funny Gifts for Friends!

MyBookmark | $27


Cubebot Multicolored Wood

Funny Gifts for Friends!

David Weeks | $9+


Vincat Van Gogh Enamel Pin

Funny Gifts for Friends!

Niaski | $12.50


Rene Magritte Action Figure

Funny Gifts for Friends!

Today is Art Day | $29.99


Salvador Dali Kokeshi Doll

Funny Gifts for Friends! | $44


Yayoi Toesama Socks

Funny Gifts for Friends!

Chattyfeet | $12.50



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