Canada’s Giant Spherical Treehouse Hotels Let You Sleep in the Trees

Ever dream of sleeping in a treehouse? Free Spirit Spheres, with their innovative, round treehouse cabins, may be just what you are looking for. Hovering 10 to 14 feet off the ground, these tree globes are tucked into the forest canopy of Vancouver Island.

Free Spirit Spheres is the brainchild of Tom Chudleigh, who was inspired to build these round treehouses in the early 1990s. The results are cozy round cottages dangling in the sky that are so eye-catching they even made our top 50 amazing treehouses list.

Each cabin is made from a fiberglass sphere set into a wood frame, with the finished globe measuring 9 to 10 feet in diameter. Yellow cedar or Sitka spruce line the exterior, while interior finishes are completed in mahogany or teak. The cozy interiors sleep up to 2 people, and include a composting toilet and bathroom suite just steps away on ground level.

Why round treehouse cabins? “Architecture is a way of shaping and creating habitat to reflect a feeling and to harmonize with the environment. The sphere is a form of architecture that reflects that thought of unity and feeling of oneness,” Chudleigh explains. “Where normal square/rectangular housing separates walls, floor and ceiling with hard lines and often color and material changes—in a sphere they all become one.”

A night in the trees starts at $130, and with a wide range of outdoor activities located nearby, the treehouse resort is the perfect way to get in touch with nature.

These round treehouse cabins are raised 10 to 14 feet from the ground, hoisting you high in the sky.

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The resort opened in 2006 and is located on Vancouver Island in Canada.

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