Cartoonist Secretly Chronicles Everyday Quirks of Life With Her Boyfriend

Love is about more than grand gestures—often, it’s the little things that make you fall head over heels with someone. The minutiae of everyday life can seem insignificant, but when you’re spending it with your favorite person, it suddenly seems fun. Catana Chetwynd, aka Catana, captures this sentiment perfectly in her hilarious comics about her and her boyfriend.

The sweet sequential art features the two as they simply enjoy each other’s company. Minimalist in style, a few drawn lines and a biting wit is enough to show the love between them. Catana highlights their mutual adoration for dogs as well her as obsession with her boyfriend’s beard. (And how betrayed she feels even when it’s “just a trim.”) The digital drawings also communicate physical closeness. They show that sometimes, a hug after a long day is all you need to feel better.

Catana’s boyfriend, Imgurian collegebanana, recently posted some of these comics online, and they were a huge hit. The response was so great that Catana made a website where you can enjoy new comics every week.

Catana chronicles the perils of the shaving:

Catana Chetwynd comic

Silly jokes:

Catana Chetwynd comic

Her attempts at subtlety…

Catana Chetwynd comic

… and again:

Catana Chetwynd comic

That hugs make everything better:

Catana Chetwynd comic

The real reason they visit their friends:

Catana Chetwynd comic

Adventures in dreamland:

Catana Chetwynd comic

And that she’s not as strong as she thinks she is:

Catana Chetwynd comic

Catana Chetwynd: Website | Instagram | Facebook
h/t: [Reddit, Bored Panda]

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