Cat-Friendly Hoodie with an Extra-Wide Pouch Can Hold a Large Furry Friend with Ease

This past summer, we featured a special cat-friendly hoodie that’s designed to tote your favorite feline around in style. The sleeveless garment featured a padded kangaroo pocket that holds a furry friend, along with drawstrings that double as toys for their entertainment. UNIHABITAT, the hoodie manufacturer, has updated this ingenious design to account for cooler temperatures—they added sleeves—and more importantly, bigger kitties.

Called the Large Pocket Mewgaroo Hoodie, this new front pouch is double the size of the smaller Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie. It can accommodate 12 liters (3 gallons) and spans the width of the garment. There’s a cozy, removable liner that can be pulled out and cleaned to help manage any shedding cat hair. Another human-friendly feature is a back-saver—UNIHABITAT has installed internal shoulder straps to help support you as you carry around the furry (but probably heavy) friend.

Like the Summer Mewgaroo Hoodie, this product is currently available from Amazon Japan, but doesn’t ship outside of the country.

If you don’t have a cat, this sweatshirt doubles as a grocery bag:

UNIHABITAT: Website | Facebook
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