Cat Wiggles Through Box, Accidently Tries on a Stylish Set of Kitty-Sized Wigs

Boxes and cats go together like peanut butter and jelly. Where there’s a box, there’s probably a cat trying to fit inside of it—no matter how small. Japanese Scottish fold Maru has made a name for himself thanks to his affinity for these cardboard containers. Millions of people have watched his antics, and over the years, he’s gained quite the following. Maru’s fan base is so large, in fact, that he’s a Guinness World Record holder for most Youtube views of an individual animal. Now, one of his latest videos features him wiggling his way though a small box to try on a number of adorably silly hairstyles.

To refresh Maru’s look, his human took a shoe-sized box and cut a hole in it. Then, they used yarn to fashion a variety of wigs, from long braids to a blonde bob. The “hair” was then attached to interchangeable cards and placed at the end of the box. Each time there was a style change, Maru made his way back through the too-small tube and inched his way towards the hole cut out at the end. Doing so framed his face and made him look like he suddenly grew human hair.

Like the true superstar that he is, Maru rocked every single look. Check it out in the amusing video below.

A cat in a wig is always a delight. International superstar Maru shows that you don’t need to be a human to rock our hairstyles.

cat wearing a wig

maru cat in a wig
maru cat in a box
maru cat in a box
cat wearing a wig

Maru’s fur pal, Hana, also tried on one of the wigs. She wasn’t pleased.

cat wearing a wig

Maru: Website | Youtube
h/t: [Laughing Squid]

All images via mugumogu.

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