Cave Hotels Transform Ancient Dwellings into Luxurious Vacation Stays

Anitya Cave House

Located in central Turkey, the Cappadocia region is known for its breathtaking landscapes and arid climate. Visitors flock to the area to take in otherworldly rock formations and cave dwellings that have been in use for thousands of years. Cappadocia’s incredible appearance is due to volcanos that were active in the area 2 million years ago, leaving behind lava flows that turned into a soft porous stone known as tuff.

Over the years, water and wind have eroded this stone layer, carving out deep pockets and structures known as “fairy chimneys.” Now tourists visit to take in the bizarre formations and partake in a hot air balloon ride, one of the most popular activities in Cappadocia. But where to stay? A cave hotel, of course.

Making the most of its history, Cappadocia’s towns are filled with cave hotels, these ancient dwellings transformed into vacation stays. From high-end luxury to rustic charm, each hotel offers a different experience and ambiance. We take a look at some of the unique cave hotels in Cappadocia, which have transformed ancient dwellings into comfy suites.

uchisar cappadocia turkey

The ancient town of Uchisar in Cappadocia. (Photo: thipjang / Shutterstock)


Anitya Cave House – Ortahisar

cappadocia hotels cave hotel

Located in the small village of Ortahisar, known for its rock castle, Anitya Cave House aims to blend modern life with historic caves. With just two units, the project is a labor of love for the owners, a doctor and an actress. They meticulously restored and decorated the house to their tastes, creating cozy, homey rooms that will make you want to extend your vacation. One suite has a private terrace with sweeping views of the valley, allowing you to relax and take in the view while sipping a glass of wine.

cappadocia hotels cave hotel
cappadocia hotels cave hotel
cappadocia hotels cave hotel
cappadocia hotels cave hotel


Hezen Cave Hotel – Ortahisar

cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey

Also in Ortahisar, the Hezen Cave Hotel brings a contemporary twist to the traditional cave hotel. Though historically influenced, the interiors are decidedly modern. Clean lines and contemporary decor contrast with the cut stone walls and views into the countryside. As is the case for many of these vacation stays, the Hezen can help organize a myriad of activities in the area, from visiting the underground city of Derinkuyu to horse back riding.

cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey
cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey

cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey


Museum Hotel – Uchisar

The 30 rooms and suites of the Museum Hotel are restored versions of ancient cave dwellings. True to its name, each acts a museum preserving the history and tradition of Cappadocia. The founder, who is an antiques collector, used his own collections of rugs, tapestries, furs, art from the Ottoman and Byzantine eras to give the space a magical feel. Guests can participate in cooking lessons or dine in the hotel’s restaurant, where ingredients are sourced from their nearby “eco-garden.” If you want a touch of luxury, rooms include jacuzzis with some even featuring massage rooms and a private garden.


House Hotel Cappadocia – Ortahisar

cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey

Soak in luxury at the House Hotel Cappadocia, which includes a spacious spa complete with a Turkish hammam. The modern interior design keeps the spaces light and bright, with suites having separate living rooms and bedrooms. Each interior is slightly different, with three styles described as Regal Classical, Luxury Raw, and Contemporary Classic.

cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey
cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey
cappadocia hotels cave hotels turkey

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