Celebrity Dads Are Supporting Their Breastfeeding Partners on Social Media

Today, more and more dads are challenging stereotypes and embracing an equal, hands-on approach to parenting. This much-needed mindset is culminating in a range of new parenting norms, including father-daughter ballet lessonsprincess-inspired photoshoots, and, recently, a social media trend that sees celebrity dads voicing their support for breastfeeding.

Using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as their platforms, these famous fathers are sharing photos of their partners as they nurse their babies. Along with these images, the men detail their admiration for mothers, praising their dedication to their children and noting “how incredible the female body is.”

Ranging from sentimental to silly, these posts are a perfect way to celebrate these women and (as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson puts it) “all mamas out there holding it down and running things.” Hopefully, this trend inspires other dads—celebrity or not—to normalize this natural act and, consequently, eradicate the self-consciousness and social stigmas that often accompany it.

In a number of inspiring social media posts, celebrity dads are showing their support for their breastfeeding partners.

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