Clever Posture Correcting Device Acts as a Mini-Ergonomic Chair You Can Wear

Was your mother always telling you to sit up straight as a child? Or, are you part of the 80% of Americans who complain of back pain? This surprisingly common issue is often related to posture, but as we all know, it’s not always easy to retrain the way you sit and stand.

Over the years, ergonomic chairs have been designed to help combat these issues, but what if your work environment doesn’t allow for one? Or, maybe you need support during more than just office hours. The Perfectore Corp has stepped in to create a small, wearable posture corrector that will instantly improve your body position.

The ERGO Posture Transformer is like a mini, wearable ergonomic chair to help relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain. The one-size-fits-all harness lifts and holds your body in proper spinal alignment, with the company suggesting that it can relieve up to 70 lbs. of pressure off the neck and back.
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It’s suggested that the EGRO Posture Transformer be worn 1-6 hours a day, and if their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign is any indication, it’s a product people are looking for. How does it work? The adjustable harness makes sure your head balances over shoulders, your chest expands, shoulders roll back, and abdominals engage with a few easy design tricks.

Three different points in the design—posture pivot, shoulder abductor, and chest expansion—help gently pull your body into the correct position. You can even use the resistance bands that run through the posture brace to complete exercises that will stretch your neck, shoulders, and back. If you’re interested, there are still eight days left to the ERGO Posture Transformer Kickstarter campaign (as of publishing this article), which is at over $600,000 in backers—well over their initial $5,000 goal.

Check out how the genius design of this ergonomic posture brace will help correct your posture and relieve back, shoulder, and neck pain.

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ERGO Posture Transformer: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Kickstarter
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