Colorful Oil Paintings Depict Give a Glimpse into the Life of the Artist

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell


Throughout history, many artists have looked to their own surroundings for inspiration. Following in the footsteps of great landscape and still life painters, artist Rachel Campbell depicts the world around her—but with a colorful, contemporary twist. The talented artist paints often overlooked, everyday scenes as playful landscapes that are bursting with brightly colored hues.

“I am a visual storyteller,” Campbell tells My Modern Met. “I sometimes think like a poet who writes unassuming poems about everyday events, taking us on a journey with them, I feel similar in how I use my imagery. Almost all of my paintings have a narrative with them that has triggered a memory or a story.”

One particular oil painting, titled To Remember We All Have a Story, depicts an abandoned trailer, still with the small colorful curtains in the window, suggesting that—at some point—someone called it home. “I am taking a journey as I paint this, thinking about the families that have lived there, the children whose toys are left behind,” explains Campbell. “Why are these trailer parks salted away in the corners of our towns like the unclean, when good people live here?”

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

To Remember We All Have a Story

Campbell’s ever-growing body of work is incredibly personal, with many pieces depicting places she’s lived. The artist is currently residing in County Fife, Scotland, where she drives through the rolling countryside each day on the way to her studio. One painting, aptly titled The Drive to my Studio, details the stunning green hills and fields in vibrant color. In another work, titled Bluebells, Campbell paints one of the locations she visited while traveling in New Zealand for 4 months. “I went back and drew in that street reminiscing about our life there before moving away,” she reveals. “Lots of memories with my little boy.”

For Campbell, making art is a way to capture moments in life that bring her joy. “Art brings out some side of our humanity that needs attention,” she says. “The desire for connection to others. And our innate curiosity to understand our world and to be directed to the creativity that is there.”

Scroll down to see some of Campbell’s beautiful oil paintings. You can find even more from the artist’s portfolio on her website. If you’re in Seattle, Campbell’s paintings are currently on display in a solo show titled What Are You Looking For? at ZINC Contemporary until December 14, 2019.

Contemporary artist Rachel Campbell creates oil paintings that playfully depict the world around her.

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

The Drive to my Studio

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Falling on Morning Glory

Each colorful piece evokes personal memories of the artist’s own experiences.

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

The Season of the Sisters

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

And he said there was…

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Still Life with Bread

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Frangipani tree

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Autumn and the Days the Sky Seemed to Sigh

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

The Garten Cafe

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Frida and I on a Summers Day

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell


Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

No 6

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Frida and I on a Snow Day

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Saturday Mornings with Margaret and Yogurt Kuchen

Oil Paintings by Rachel Campbell

Solid Fragile Flimsy Home

Rachel Campbell: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Rachel Campbell.

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