Colorful Storybook Illustrations of Whimsical Birds and Fantastic Beasts

The colorful creatures conjured up by artist Vorja Sánchez are both fit for a fairytale and from your wildest dreams. Everything about the animal-loving, Barcelona-based illustrator’s oeuvre—from materials used, style employed, and fauna depicted—is eclectic, making each peculiar piece entirely unique and visually alluring. To create soft and dreamy depictions, like his comprehensive collage of realistically rendered birds, Sánchez uses washes of watercolor and subdued colored pencils. For his more stylized, inventive animals, he often relies on the bold and graphic nature of pen and ink as well as spray paint. Sanchez also frequently pairs traditional graphite pencils with paint to produce mesmerizing mixed media creations that contrast hazy hues with black-and-white line drawings.

While his entire portfolio is wonderfully whimsical and frequently features collage-like compositions, the pieces that comprise it are not obviously by the same artist—a rare quality found in few artists. While some are inspired by daily observations (especially his experiences during his time in Nicaragua), others are entirely made-up. With his sundry aesthetic approach and range of subject matter, he is able to easily diversify his work and alter his aesthetic from piece to piece.

You can see more beguiling beasts (as well as adventures with his adorable dog) on Sánchez’s Instagram.

Vorja Sánchez: Facebook | Instagram 
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All images via Vorja Sánchez.

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