Creative Parents Coordinate Adorable “Wild Things” Costumes With Their 1-Year-Old Son

Couples’ Halloween costumes are cute and all, but the most adorable outfits happen when the whole family is involved. Proving that this is still the case are Richard Blakeley and Lindsay Kaplan, who wanted to make their son’s Halloween special—to celebrate, mom, dad, and baby Max dressed up as Wild Things from Maurice Sendak’s classic book (and Max’s favorite), Where the Wild Things Are.

Blakeley and Kaplan are indistinguishable in head-to-toe Wild Things costumes. They don giant masks, furry bodies, and even clawed feet—a spitting image of Sendak’s delightful characters. One-year-old Max (who shares the same name as the boy in the book) wears a white fuzzy jumpsuit and tiny gold crown. He’s ready to roam alongside his creature parents.

This past weekend, the family marched along the route of the Hocus Pocus Parade in Beacon, New York. “Strangers kept saying ‘Hello Max!’ and he loved it,” Blakeley wrote, later remarking that it was the “best rumpus ever.”

Richard Blakeley: Website | Twitter
Lindsay Kaplan: Website | Twitter

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