Creative Pie Design Transforms the Beloved Baked Good into Edible Art

Self-taught baker Lauren Ko pushes the aesthetic boundaries of the beloved pie. Ko, who is also an artist, takes a creative approach when it comes to the decoration of her dishes. The unadorned pie is a blank canvas that gives her a place to express herself. By taking artistic liberties, her delectable desserts boast bright colors, repeating geometric elements, and intricate arrangements of strips of dough.

Ko is meticulous in her pie decoration. Inspired by what’s in her fridge, she works with small fruits like kiwis and dragon fruit sliced into perfect rectangles, triangles, and circles. They are then arranged within the confines of the circle as repeating motifs with a precision that looks almost too good to cut into and enjoy. But just because Ko’s pies look flawless, it doesn’t mean that she adheres to strict recipes or techniques. It’s the opposite. The beautiful food art is the result of Ko improvising on her surface designs. She admits, “My final products are generally happy accidents.”

Ko shares her artistic pies through her popular Instagram—every post is a feast for the eyes!

Self-taught baker Lauren Ko produces creative pie design that transforms beloved bake goods into works of edible art.

Working with fruits, vibrant colors, and strips of dough, she crafts avant-garde designs.

Her specialty is geometric motifs…

… but Ko also plays with braided and twisted pie crusts, using colorful food to change their hues.

Lauren Ko: WebsiteInstagram | Facebook

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