Dancers and Photographers Come Together for Incredible Spontaneous Photo Shoots

What happens when you gather world class dancers, photographers, and social media influencers in dramatic settings across the United States? #CamerasandDancers. For the past few years, Jacob Jonas The Company has been hosting monthly Instameets with social influencers, allowing dancers and photographers to spontaneously collaborate to stunning effect.

#CamerasandDancers recently held its 30th meet up and has held events everywhere from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to the New York Public Library. Over the course of three to four hours, the artists collaborate on a portfolio of images that are then shared across Instagram and other online platforms. “As a choreographer and activist for dance, I wanted to do something that would simply make the art form more visible online,” choreographer Jacob Jonas shares with us via email. “These photos carry the weight of peer-to-peer endorsement and keep dance relevant and connected to a younger demographic through the reach of the social influencers.”

And for institutions, it’s a win win situation, as the visibility helps invite new thinking about the well-worn spaces and pushes them into the homes of a new audience. “To see so many dancing bodies, moving among the reels of film and archival boxes that store the collective history of dance, was a truly remarkable thing to witness and is a moment I’m eager to explore again in our space,” shares Linda Murray, Dance Curator, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

#CamerasandDancers is a monthly Instameet that brings dancers, photographers, and influencers together in incredible settings to create spontaneous dance imagery.


Jacob Jonas The Company: Website | Facebook | Instagram

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Jacob Jonas The Company.

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