Drought on Yangtze River Exposes 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues

It is no magic formula that the environment is acquiring hotter. With weather transform will come lots of detrimental consequences, together with drought. Summer 2022 has been specifically dry for some areas. As waters of rivers and reservoirs recede, extended obscured archeological and historical treasures are rising. Between these are a trio of 600-yr-old Buddhist statues beforehand submerged on an island reef in the Yangtze River recognised as Foyeliang, in the vicinity of the Chinese town of Chongqing.

The island reef was built someday in the Ming and Qing dynasties. A single of the three statues depicts a monk calmly meditating on a lotus petal. Lotuses are important Buddhist symbols. These water-rising plants symbolize the journey in direction of enlightenment or spiritual awakening.

These breathtaking statues experienced long been submerged beneath the superb, winding Yangtze River. Nevertheless, considering the fact that July, the Yangtze basin has found 45% less rain than standard and, as a end result, 66 rivers have dried up in Chongqing. The Yangtze’s drinking water amount has fallen rapidly as the heat surged with temperatures reaching 104°F. China as a country is going through its worst drought on report. As large temperatures and reduced rain levels continue close to the world, unseen sights this kind of as sunken Globe War II ships and other surprises continue to arise.

As China experiences a brutal drought, drinking water ranges on the Yangtze River have fallen to expose a trio of 600-calendar year-previous Buddhist statues.

Drought on China’s Yangtze River Exposes 600-Year-Old Buddhist Statues

The stunning Yangtze River in China. (Picture: Chen Hualin via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.)

h/t: [Reuters]

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