Edible Chocolate City Maps Modeled After Beloved Streets Around the World

If you can’t travel the world, why not eat it instead? Online purveyor Nisnas Industries has partnered with Tamtik Chocolate to create a confectionary block of in the shape of city maps from across the globe. Based on the stylized terrains of New York City, London, and Tel Aviv, the handmade dark chocolate gifts are a decadent homage to these beloved metropolises.

The unique chocolate city map design takes inspiration from mashrabiya, a traditional Arabic pattern that features open geometric shapes. Although this style typically appears in architecture, it’s been co-opted here to produce a stylish contour. Once the design of each map was perfected, it was made into a mold that’s now cast in chocolate.

Each of these maps is produced by a chocolate artisan local to that particular city; this way, you not only see the outline of its landmarks but experience their unique flavor, too. With bitter and sweet notes, Tamtik’s creation is ideal for breaking apart and enjoying at the end of a nice meal or with a glass of whisky.

The maps are crafted as gifts and come complete in wrapped packages. This, too, is part of the experience. Concealed in many layers, you or your recipient carefully unwraps the brown paper to reveal the stunning edible city below. To enjoy one of these confections—or even make your own—head to Kickstarter and pledge to the Tamtik Chocolate campaign.

Eat your way through cities around the world with Tamtik Chocolate.

Tamtik Chocolate Gifts
Tamtik Chocolate Gifts
Tamtik Chocolate Gifts

Modeled after three city maps—New York, London, and Tel Aviv—the decadent creations are intended as stunning chocolate gifts.

Chocolate Gift City Maps
Tamtik Chocolate Gifts
Tamtik Chocolate Gifts

To help with production, the collaboration has started a Kickstarter. Here, they offer a look into how the maps are made.

Tamtik Chocolate Gifts
Chocolate Gift City Maps

Tamtik Chocolate: Website | Kickstarter | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Nisnas Industries.

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