Elevated Forest Park Includes a Trampoline to Bounce Among the Treetops

The Chords

A sky park seems like something you’d find in a fantasy novel, but architects Studio Dror have envisioned it as a reality for Istanbul. They’ve created the plans for Parkorman, which, among other things, features an elevated playground with pathways, swinging hammocks, and a giant trampoline. This unconventional concept works with the city’s lack of green space and is to be located six miles north of the city center.

Traditional parks often have expansive grass fields with trees peppered throughout. In Istanbul, however, every tree that’s there now must stay in place. So, to preserve the forest, Dror “imagined the most profound experience delivered through the lightest touch.” For them, that means a design that thinks vertically.

They state: “Our masterplan for Parkorman is a web of possibilities; a living system of places for visitors to explore. Instead of dictating one’s path through the park, visitors write their own experience. Numerous non-linear pathways, like calligraphy, weave through the existing woodland, surprising people with unexpected discoveries along their journey.”

To achieve this new kind of park, Parkorman imagines five zones that each have a unique personality. They include: the Plaza, which is at the entrance and is a place for gathering; the Loop, a series of swings and hammocks above the forest; the Pool, an area that invites people to hop in a giant ball pit; the Chords, which has the winding above-ground footpath and a trampoline at the center; and finally, the Grove, a maze-like trail that has sculptures throughout, including The Fountain of Clarity. This water feature has a cubed frame that shoots water down its side and invites visitors to stand within.

There’s no word of when Parkorman might become a reality, but when it does, we’d happily walk the treetop paths. But jumping on the trampoline? That might take some convincing.

Architects Studio Dror have created a sky park concept called Parkorman that thinks vertically—including a giant elevated trampoline.

sky park

The Chords

But for those that prefer their feet on the ground, Parkorman offers trails that take you around sculptures…

elevated park

The Grove

park plans

The Grove

As well as a water feature called The Fountain of Clarity that you can stand inside.

sky park

The Fountain of Clarity

sky park

Inside of The Fountain of Clarity

park diagrapm

Studio Dror: Website
h/t: [Inhabitat]

All images via Studio Dror.

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