Enchanting Paintings Capture the Twinkling Rooftops of Paris at Twilight

‘Rooftop Hideout’

Russian artist Evgeny Lushpin is renowned for the “power and light” of his enchanting paintings. Featuring famous cities and tiny towns alike, his body of work showcases the diverse beauty of locations all around the world. In one particularly sparkly series, Lushpin presents sentimental views of Paris, capturing the effortless allure of the “city of light.”

Lushpin explores a range of intimate settings in his Paris paintings, from romantic rooftops to quiet streets. In addition to precise brushwork and photographic realism, these pieces demonstrate the artist’s skillful treatment of light. Evident in everything from an apartment building’s illuminated windows to rows of softly glowing streetlights, this approach to luminescence gives each painting “a sense of devotion with a little hint of mystique.”

In addition to the French capital, Lushpin also has a penchant for painting cozy European villages and bustling American cities. Whether gazing at a quiet canal or dreaming about a world-famous bridge, viewers of Lushpin’s work are sure to “find themselves transported to worlds they never could have imagined—and those they thought they knew by heart.”

In a sparkling series of paintings, Evgeny Lushpin captures the dazzling light of Paris.

Light of Paris Paintings Evgeny Lushpin

‘Montmartre Spring’

Light of Paris Paintings Evgeny Lushpin

‘Paris Winter’

Light of Paris Paintings Evgeny Lushpin

‘Over the Roofs of Paris’

Light of Paris Paintings Evgeny Lushpin

‘Paris Evening’

Evgeny Lushpin: Website 

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Evgeny Lushpin.

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