Every Iconic Object Featured in Famous TV Shows Are Arranged in These Posters

Minimalist Posters

Artist and designer Jordan Bolton is a big fan of television and film. He expresses his love of critically-acclaimed dramas and heartwarming tales though a familiar format: the poster. But rather than commemorating the actors, Bolton celebrates beloved media through its small yet iconic objects. In each of his minimalist posters, he turns his attention to the likes of shoes, exquisite necklaces, and ordinary umbrellas. In doing this, Bolton dissects the important objects in a production and neatly arranges them into eye-pleasing compositions. We’ve previously marveled at his handiwork featuring popular films, and he’s since created TV posters in this same style.

Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Stranger Things all have designs created in their honor. These shows are ideal candidates for Bolton’s pictorial treatment. They are conceptually rich and feature plenty of memorable objects over the course of their episodes. In the Breaking Bad poster, for instance, Bolton has included items that define the series, like the hazmat suits that Jesse and Walt wear, as well as the pink teddy bear who met its unfortunate demise in season two.

The joy of Bolton’s posters comes from knowing and loving these shows. If you’re familiar with them, you’ll understand the symbolism that he’s packed into every TV poster—and remember why you loved the show in the first place.

Bolton’s meticulous arrangements are all available as posters through his Etsy shop.

Jordan Bolton chronicles the small but important objects in some of our favorite television shows with his meticulous TV posters.

Minimalist Posters
Minimalist Posters
TV Posters
TV Posters

TV Posters

Jordan Bolton: Website | Instagram | Etsy | Facebook

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