Exquisite Tattoos Continue to Tell Dreamlike Tales Through Circular Vignettes

Tattoo artist Eva Krbdk continues to ink small and exquisite scenes onto her clients, proving that compelling body art comes in all shapes and sizes. Opting not for big, flashy pieces, the Turkish creative utilizes thin, delicate lines to tell a moment of a story through circular vignettes. The subjects run the gamut of tranquil landscapes to dreamy scenes that are seemingly plucked from the pages of fairy tales.

Like her previous pieces, Krbdk incorporates a soft, illustrative approach to her tattoos. There’s a special attention paid to the tiny details—the spire of a church, the branches of a tree—as well as a painterly focus on color, as the inks are a harmonious array of hues. This styling only further enhances these narrative tales, and they have a vintage appeal—like they were once discovered among the dusty pages of a well-loved book. And just like a good story, we’re eager to find out what happens next for the characters and places in Krbdk’s tattoos.

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