Fantasy Digital Paintings Imagine a World With Giant Animals In It

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Japanese artist Monokubo imagines a world where larger-than-life animals roam the land and live among us. Through her fantastical digital paintings, the gentle giants are sources of comfort when their human companions are having a bad day or are traipsing through places that feel strange or unwelcoming. They offer them a fluffy paw of encouragement or a nose to boop, and they’re always ready to snuggle.

Monokubo was inspired to produce these illustrations after seeing iconic Studio Ghibli films like Princess Mononoke and My Neighbor Totoro which both feature large creatures in their cast. Many of the animals that Monokubo depicts are house cats. “In most cases, I choose the animals that have left an impression in my daily life,” she tells My Modern Met. “I have a cat and he is very cute.”

While felines are her favorite, Monokubo has branched out and illustrated creatures of the forest including raccoons and wolves. But she doesn’t stop there. Cuddly domesticated bunnies and Shiba Inu dogs act as faithful companions to the illustrations’ young people.

Monokubo has a book featuring her larger-than-life animals called Megalophilia that is now available on Amazon.

Through fantasy digital paintings, Japanese artist Monokubo imagines a world where gentle giant animals live among humans.

Fantasy Art by MonokuboDigital Art by MonokuboFantasy Art by Monokubo

Her work features all different animals, but she’s especially fond of cats—she has a (normal) sized one of her own.

Fantasy Art by MonokuboFantasy Art by MonokuboDigital Artwork by MonokuboDigital Artwork by MonokuboFantasy Art by MonokuboDigital Art by Monokubo

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