Father Exercises His Endless Imagination by Photoshopping Son Into Fantastical Scenes

With the help of Photoshop, anything is possible. Thanks to creative liberties and its powerful tools, anyone can fly, roam the land as a giant, and surf atop a skyscraper. Making these playful possibilities a “reality” is photographer and digital artist Adrian Sommeling. Through his expert image-manipulation skills, he celebrates the endless bounds of the imagination that are so well-crafted it’s as if they actually happened.

Sommeling was trained as a fine artist but has since traded in analog brushes and canvases for computer screens and digital drawing tools. For almost 20 years, he’s honed his craft and shares the joy of creation with his son, who frequently makes an appearance in Sommeling’s amusing works. The boy gets to live out wild fantasies—ones of mischief, adventure, and best of all, quality time with dad.

If you enjoy these father-son antics, John Wilhelm has similar fun Photoshopping his three daughters into fantastical scenes.

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