‘Feather Brows’ Beauty Trend Turns Thick Eyebrows into Wispy Feathers

Photo credit: Stella Sironen

You can’t take yourself too seriously, even in the world of makeup. And sometimes, when you let yourself have fun, it becomes a weird beauty trend that the world doesn’t know whether to love or hate. Such is the case with Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen‘s feather brows, something she originally posted as a joke. The look, which involves gluing the bottom half of your eyebrows down, resembles a furry caterpillar that’s crawling on your face. While Sironen originally meant it as a goof, some curious beauty pioneers tried it for themselves.

Like most burgeoning beauty trends, there are people who think feathered eyebrows are great and others whose reaction can be summed up as “ew.” But for those that replicated the look, they’ve have already mastered it and are rocking it accordingly.

This just goes to show that no matter how odd a trend might seem, it’s never too strange for the internet. Sironen sums it up best in an Instagram post: “Note to self: When [you] make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously and…. well. Start the trend anyways.”

Feather brows started out as a joke, but quickly became real.

weird beauty trends

Photo credit: Stella Sironen

feather brows

Photo credit: @saraanddipity

It began thanks to Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, who glued down the bottom half of her eyebrows. They look like caterpillars crawling on her face!

feather brows

Photo credit: Kelsee Marie

weird beauty trends

Photo credit: Kelsee Marie

Other beauty pioneers have since tried it. Would you?

feather brows beauty trend 2017

Photo credit: Brows by Kristy

weirdest beauty trends of 2017

Photo credit: @mai_chameleon

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