First Ever “Beard Jewelry” Collection Adds a Hint of Glitz to Men’s Facial Hair

Women have a ton of options when it comes to wearing hair accessories. Men? Not so much—and this is especially true for their beards. Krato Milano is changing that with the “first ever jewelry collection for bearded men.” Known as a “jewel for the beard,” the designs feature tiny emblems—a skull and an anchor—that firmly attach onto a guy’s facial hair. The pieces are subtle but have a noticeable gold or silver glitz once the light strikes.

After over a year of design and development, Krato Milano has produced a functional triangular clip that hangs onto the hair and holds the jewelry in place. It’s shaped as a twisting spiral that catches the strands within its structure, ensuring that the hold is durable yet comfortable. They’ve tested the design on various beard types—including size, thickness, and texture—and it works across the board. However, they recommended that men have a minimum of one inch of hair before wearing the jewel.

Krato Milano sees the beard as an untapped canvas for self expression, perfect for those who want to display their individuality in an unconventional way. They’ve taken to Kickstarter to help launch the product and are now taking pre-orders for delivery in December 2016.

Krato Milano: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Kickstarter
via [Bored Panda]

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