Funny Emu Has Gone Viral for Playfully Knocking Over His Owner’s Phone

People aren’t the only kinds drawn to the highlight. Often animals want time on digital camera, far too. In fact, a specific emu who goes by the name Emmanuel has gone viral on TikTok for stealing the highlight from his operator Taylor Blake in a series of hilarious video clips.

Blake and Emmanel both are living at Knuckle Bump Farms, a mini cow pastime farm in South Florida. In their videos, Blake is addressing viewers, seeking to describe different animal-relevant subjects, when Emmanuel unexpectedly stops by and derails the conversation. “Emmanuel, really don’t do it,” Blake warns, when the playful emu gets too close to the digicam. She pleads with him, “DON’T select violence right now.” Occasionally it functions, but most of the time, he won’t pay attention, and the cell phone that Blake utilizes to film her films gets toppled to the floor.

Emmanuel cohabitates at Knuckle Bump Farms with numerous other animals, together with a deer named Princess, Rico the swan, a rhea named Regina, quite a few chickens, and a cast of cows, like Stella and Mimi. And though all of the animals have their moment on screen, Emmanuel has a individual knack for catching people’s focus, primarily due to the fact the show tends to occur to a extraordinary end when he seems.

You can retain up with Emmanuel’s newest adventures by adhering to Knuckle Bump Farms on TikTok and Instagram.

Emmanuel the Emu has gone viral on social media for his hilarious antics.

He life in South Florida at Knuckle Bump Farms, a compact hobby farm run by Taylor Blake.

Although the other animals have their time on camera far too, Emmanuel has turn out to be popular for attempting (and sometimes succeeding) in knocking over the telephone when Blake is hoping to get a online video.

Never change, Emmanuel…

Knuckle Bump Farms: TikTok | Instagram
h/t: [boingboing]

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