Galaxy-Themed Jewelry Stylishly Showcases the Vibrant Beauty of Our Solar System

Artisan Lauren Beacham creates earthly tokens for “romantics, nostalgics, stargazers” and those who are “wild at heart.” Through her online shop yūgen, she pays homage to the magical mystery of the world with special attention on the galaxy. Necklaces, cuff links, bracelets, and earrings are adorned with vibrant images of our solar system that includes the mystifying planets as well as the brilliant swirling colors of nebulas.

Beacham uses photographs of space in her jewelry—these images are stunning on their own, but the addition of cuffs and chains allows them to always remain close to the heart while stylish at the same time. This makes them ideal for both science-lovers and those who enjoy marveling at the endless night sky.

As an added bonus for astronomy lovers, a portion of the proceeds from Beacham’s sales are donated to the Planetary Society, an organization dedicated to advancing space science and exploration. All of the jewelry is available through the yūgen Etsy shop.

Lauren Beacham: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Etsy
via [Mental Floss]

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