Game of Thrones Inspired Dragon Art Created from 1,200 Sheets of Paper

If you’ve been keeping up with HBO’s series Game of Thrones over the past seven seasons, you know that winter is finally here. The eighth and final season begins on April 14, 2019, and people around the world are celebrating its return. Office stationery suppliers Viking Direct have gone well beyond your standard viewing party and are instead playing hosts to a giant dragon art piece inspired by the show. The freestanding, fire-breathing beast comprises 1,200 sheets of A4-sized paper and measures an incredible 43 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 20 feet.

The Viking management worked with artist Andy Singleton in the production of the paper sculpture. To design the creature, Singleton started with a sketch and then built a small-scale model to iron out the three-dimensional details. It took him 100 hours in the studio to construct the sculpture—completed in sections for easy transport—and an additional 10 hours to install it in the Viking Office.

The result is a fearsome beast that although inspired by Game of Thrones, wholly represents Singleton’s vision. “I wanted parts of the dragon’s armor to look like faceted minerals,” the artist said in a press release, “but also to have softer elements almost like fur on the underside. The color choices just felt right when I was selecting the specialist paper.”

The beast’s presence was a delightful surprise for the rest of the team and now resides in their cozy office setting. But once the dragon has enjoyed its time at Viking Direct, it will be donated to a local school to inspire the creativity of the students there.

Office stationery supplier Viking Direct worked with artist Andy Singleton to create an incredible dragon art sculpture inspired by Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones Art

The 3D paper art 1,200 sheets of A4-sized paper and measures 43 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 20 feet. It breathes “fire,” too!

Game of Thrones ArtGame of Thrones Inspired Dragon Art3D Paper Art by Andy SingletonGame of Thrones Inspired Dragon Art

Singleton spent 100 hours in the studio creating this sculpture and an additional 10 hours installing it in the Viking Direct offices as a surprise for the staff.

Paper Sculpture Inspired by Game of Thrones3D Paper Art by Andy Singleton3D Paper Art by Andy SingletonAndy Singleton: Website | Instagram

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