Get Kids Excited About Grammar With This Clever Alphabet Book

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Tsunami. Knight. Wren. Aisle. What do these words have in common? They’re just some of the quirky words featured in the new book P is for Pterodactyl. This fun take on a standard alphabet book features some of the trickier words used in the English language. By focusing on silent letters and silly homophones, the book is a great way for kids to start tackling advanced spelling and for word nerds to get a good laugh.

“Let’s get real―the English language is bizarre,” the book admits. “A might be for apple, but it’s also for aisle and aeons. Why does the word ‘gnat’ start with a G but the word ‘knot’ doesn’t start with an N? It doesn’t always make sense, but don’t let these rule-breaking silent letters defeat you!”

P for Pterodactyl was written by Raj Haldar, also known as Lushlife, and Chris Carpenter, with illustrations by Maria Beddia. The color illustrations help demonstrate the context of each word, while clever sentences filled with alliteration make for a fun read. For instance, “The gnome yells, ‘Waiter! There’s a bright white gnat nibbling on my gnocchi!,’ ” accompanies “G is for Gnocchi.”

Of course, some of these words are used in the English language but taken from others, which makes the pronunciation quirks more understandable. Gnocchi is an Italian word for a specific type of pasta, while czar is a Russian word for emperor. Overall, the book is a fun way to get kids excited about language in general and pique their curiosity about why we pronounce words in particular ways.

If you’re looking for an enhanced experience, listen to the P is for Pterodactyl audiobook or download activity worksheets, free of charge!

P is for Pterodactyl is an unusual alphabet book that features some of the English language’s quirkiest words.

P is for Pterodactyl - Alphabet BookP is for Pterodactyl - Alphabet BookP is for Pterodactyl - Alphabet Book

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