Gorgeous Architectural Jewelry Inspired by the Floor Plans of Famous Monuments

Greek jewelry design firm QUPA has launched a beautiful line of architecturally inspired pieces, Croquis. Describing the work as “architectural ornaments,” each piece of 24 karat gold or sterling silver plated jewelry is crafted by founders Eleni Kouineli and Stefanos Papadatos.

Kouineli and Papadatos, both architects, combined their love for architecture and design into QUPA. Using the architectural floor plans of beloved monuments around the globe, they use 3D printing, lasers, and classic molding to create the unique jewelry.

Whether it’s transforming iconic Greek columns into earrings or the Ankor Wat temple into a gold pendant, the results are eye-catching. “Buildings, monuments, museums and other landmarks are very strongly connected with the identity of a country. Remarkable architecture connects the past with the present,” reveal the designers.

You can find their full line on Etsy, with each monument available either as earrings, a pendant, or a brooch.

QUPA’s line of architectural jewelry is based on the floor plans on monuments around the world.

QUPA: WebsiteEtsy | Facebook
h/t: [Contemporist]

All images via QUPA.

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