Hamster Looks So Happy Eating His Lucky Heart-Shaped Cucumber Slice

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

Hamsters really like snacking on fruit and veggies, and they can glimpse really cute accomplishing so. A one slice of apple, pear, or banana is pretty much as massive as their very small heads, but they can munch by them in no time. Just one Japan-dependent hamster named Mashiro is specifically fond of nutritious treats, and his proprietor Paru (@gsm_iham2 on Twitter) is more than delighted to deliver him with the finest.

Most not long ago, when Paru was making ready some cucumber, he recognized a single of his slices was coronary heart-formed. Taking into consideration it a sign of excellent luck, he resolved to present the piece to Mashiro, who immediately took it in his small paws with enthusiasm. Paru shared pictures of the cute trade on Twitter, revealing how Mashiro fortunately munches on the edible eco-friendly heart.

Mashiro usually means “pure white” in Japanese, and looking at the hamster’s fluffy white coat, it is the best name for the lovable pet. When he’s not ingesting cucumbers, very little Mashiro treats on broccoli and leafy greens. The healthful minor dude is all about ingesting his five (or far more) a working day.

Look at out Mashiro and his heart-formed cucumber underneath, and observe Paru on Twitter and Instagram for far more cute updates.

Mashiro the fluffy white hamster seems all cherished-up with his heart-formed cucumber snack.

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped Cucumber

How adorable is this tiny critter!?

Hamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberHamster Loves Heart-Shaped CucumberParu: Instagram | Twitter
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