Hand-Blown Glass Containers Mimicking Veins Add an Artistic Twist to Pouring Wine

Evocative of twisting veins and pumping hearts, Etienne Meneau cleverly combines blood vessels with drinking vessels to create his striking series of Strange Decanters.

Featuring a set of exquisitely hand-blown receptacles, the series presents a peculiar twist on traditional wine decanting. The creative collection offers a wide range of styles, predominantly characterized by two aesthetics: linear, vein-like forms, and rounded, heart-inspired orbs. Although often interpreted solely as artery-influenced art, Meneau also draws inspiration from tree branches, plant roots, and other forms found in nature. He explains: “My work turns around geometry and nature. I love to put some flesh on geometrical shapes… that’s why vegetal life interests me… It is a pure living geometry and algebra.”

While the sculptural pieces may look more like works of art than practical carafes, they are entirely functional. Hand-blown from borosilicate, a sturdy glass, each decanter is designed to hold one bottle of wine (750 ml). And, while each vessel’s gnarled contours and twisting tubes may look impossible to wash, Meneau assures that simply rinsing each decanter and letting it air-dry upside down will do the trick—allowing you to wine and dine to your heart’s content. 

Etienne Meneau: Website 
via [Freshome, Food Republic]

All images via Etienne Meneau.

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