Handcrafted Necklaces Display Tiny Leather-Bound Books You Can Actually Write In

Philadelphia-based artisans Margaux and Walter Kent create tiny-yet-functional books that you can wear around your neck. Through their shop Peg and Awl, the husband-and-wife team hand-tear and hand-stitch the intricate miniature texts and line them with reclaimed leather covers worn soft from age. The result is a playful and rustic accessory that you can proudly display and really use. Now, your next great idea won’t go unwritten because you’ll always have a piece of paper handy.

Peg and Awl offers three sizes of books to hang off their 19-inch necklace chains. The smallest measures at just over half an inch tall while the largest is one and a quarter inches in height. These incredible formats are in line with the couple’s overall design philosophy and aesthetic. “Our work is made from olde things,” they explain, continuing “…cut and pulled and built into wearable curiosities, inscribable keepsakes and useable, long-lasting treasures.”

These accessories, along with conventionally-sized handmade books, are available through the Peg and Awl Etsy shop.

Peg and Awl: Website | Etsy | Facebook | Instagram
via [My Modern Met Selects]

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