Haunted House Captures Hilariously-Spooked Visitors in Mid-Scream

It’s that time of year!

Deemed “the scariest haunted house in Niagara Falls,” the Nightmare Fears Factory is a festive and frightening way to get into the holiday spirit.

Located in Canada’s Clifton Hill Tourist District, the Nightmare Fears Factory is a walk-through house of horrors. Shrouded in darkness and featuring spine-tingling spooks, the haunted house attracts brave souls from all over the world, scaring them silly and snapping secret—and hilarious—photos to prove it.

The perfectly-timed pictures capture raw expressions of sheer terror; with wide eyes and mouths agape, guests huddle, flinch, and scream. Some grab at each other’s clothing while others use their friends as human shields. Whether shrieking or scared stiff, each unnerved visitor unknowingly poses for a perfect photo-op that screams “Halloween!”—and, if they’re not too traumatized, he or she can even purchase it as a side-splitting souvenir.

Nightmares Fear Factory: Website | Facebook | Flickr 

All images via Nightmares Fear Factory. 

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