Hidden Van Gogh Self-Portrait Discovered Under Other Artwork

Head of a Peasant Woman's Hidden Painting

Senior Conservator Lesley Stevenson views the painting along with an x-ray image of the hidden Van Gogh self-portrait.(Photograph: Neil Hanna /Nationwide Galleries Scotland)

Although planning for their exhibit A Style for Impressionism, conservators at the Nationwide Galleries Scotland turned to a procedure common in the art environment: X-ray. X-ray is utilised to analyze what lies beneath layers and frames. Turned on a little painting by Vincent Van Gogh, entitled Head of a Peasant Female, the X-ray machine revealed a thing astonishing. On the back of the canvas, below levels of glue and cardboard, was a ghostly self-portrait by the legendary artist.

The Dutch painter Van Gogh is finest recognized for is effective like Starry Night time, but his brooding self-portraits obtain a large amount of interest, much too. Folks are fascinated with the artist who sooner or later arrived to slash off his own ear. Between the about 2,100 artworks he established was a easy portrait of a peasant lady. Painted in 1885 just just before the artist’s move from his native land to the creative circles of Paris, it characteristics a somewhat dour younger female in a voluminous white cap.

When X-rayed, an graphic of the artist—complete with hat, kerchief, and ear—appeared. Van Gogh was regarded to reuse canvases by turning them over and portray on the reverse facet. The museum believes the self-portrait was painted after Head of a Peasant Girl even though the artist was residing amid the Impressionists in Paris. At the time, his perform was getting to be much more vibrant and expressive. Several other self-portraits painted on the reverse of other functions date to the time period. The self-portrait was probably included by levels of glued cardboard in the early 20th century. Eliminating the cardboard will be a really delicate approach, and at this time specialists are thinking about how it could be accomplished. For now, museum readers will be ready to get pleasure from an x-ray picture on a lightbox subsequent to the “original” painting.

Conservators at the Nationwide Galleries Scotland learned a hidden self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh.

Hidden Van Gogh Self-PortraitHidden Van Gogh Self-Portrait

The x-ray exhibiting the self-portrait. (Photograph: Nationwide Galleries Scotland)

A regimen X-ray revealed the phantom sketch on the back again of the canvas less than layers of paste and cardboard.

Head of a Peasant WomanHead of a Peasant Woman

Head of a Peasant Lady, by Vincent Van Gogh, 1885. (Picture: National Galleries Scotland)

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