Hunky French Firefighters Pose for a Shirtless 2017 Calendar to Raise Money for Charity

Calendar-buying season is upon us, but you’ve got time to figure out how you want to define 2017. Will you greet each new month with an adorable baby animal? Or perhaps a hunky heartthrob and their hound dog? We’ve got another contender: shirtless French firefighters who have posed for Le Calendrier Des Pompiers 2017, or The Calendar of Firefighters 2017.

Shot by photographer Fred Goudon, the images are a mixture of candid and posed portraits. Some feature the servicemen in the midst of push ups or grooming, while others are clearly staged for our benefit—when else would you see these firefighters barely wearing half their gear? Whether the photos are fact or fiction, it’s a welcome excuse to look at these fiery men year-round.

Even better, the calendar was created with a good cause in mind. A portion of the proceeds go towards Pompiers Sans Frontières, or Firefighters Without Borders, an international NGO that specializes in development aid. It’s now available through the Pompiers Sans Frontières’ website and ships internationally.

Fred Goudon: Website | Blog
via [The Huffington Post]

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