Iconic Converse Sneakers Get Reimagined as Cozy Knit Slippers

Knitted Sneakers

Photo: Youted

When you were younger, your parents probably told you not to wear your shoes in the house. But, they may have changed their tune if they saw these knitted sneakers that are actually a quirky pair of slippers. Shaped and styled like Converse high-top shoes, the cozy footwear features a version of the brand’s iconic star logo and comes complete with laces that you can tie.

Redditor Youted recently shared a version of the Converse knit sneakers, and the internet went wild for them. They were a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift from Youted’s mother. But there’s good news for everyone wishing they had their own pair. Crafter Rea Järvenpää of Reaverse Design developed the knit sneakers pattern, and she sells the instructions for them in her Etsy shop.

Järvenpää boasts that the slippers are both comfortable and practical. They have a double-lined bottom which allows them to be warm—“even on the terrace cool autumn evening.” The colors are up to you, although she has her own yarn suggestions that will make the pattern easier to replicate. Järvenpää provides only one warning with this DIY; it may be addictive!

Get started on your Converse knit sneakers by visiting Reaverse Design.

Wearing shoes in the house might be a faux pas, but not with these Converse knit sneakers. Crafter Rea Järvenpää has created a pattern that incorporate the look of iconic shoe into cozy slippers.

Knitted Sneakers
Knitted Sneakers Design by Rea Järvenpää
Converse Knit Sneakers by Rea Järvenpää
Converse Knit Sneakers by Rea Järvenpää
Knitted Sneakers Design by Rea Järvenpää
Knit Sneakers Pattern by by Rea Järvenpää

Reaverse Design: Etsy | Ravelry
h/t: [Reddit]

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