IKEA Unveils New Pet Furniture Collection Designed in Partnership with Veterinarians

IKEA has been in the pet furniture business for a while now, even if they didn’t acknowledge it. For years, creative IKEA Hackers have transformed items like the DUKTIG doll bed into a cozy place for their cats and small dogs. But now, the Swedish furniture giant is officially integrating our furry friends into some of their latest designs. Their collection called LURVIG is “made for our four-legged family members” and includes dog beds, cat houses, and even a slow-feed bowl.

Like other IKEA products, their pet pieces are both stylish and affordable. With the same clean lines and modern aesthetic in mind, the furniture looks perfectly natural next to its human-focused items. LURVIG, however, has an animal-friendly twist; IKEA worked with veterinarians to ensure that their products meet the needs of the animals they are intended for. Cats, for instance, love small places to curl up in, and there are several “caves” for them that are tucked among practical side tables. Dogs are the opposite. They prefer open beds and cushions, which is another part in the LURVIG line.

If these products look similar to existing IKEA furniture, there’s a good reason for it. Many of them convert current products into pet-friendly items. One option involves a table leg that can be easily made into a cat scratching post—simply wrap and strap one of IKEA’s sisal mats around it. With these types of clever additions, it truly makes the store a one-stop shop for everyone’s home decor needs.

IKEA’s new pet furniture line, LURVIG, is created with four-legged family members in mind.

IKEA Pet Bed
IKEA Pet Bed

From cat caves to dog beds, the company worked with veterinarians to ensure the best design for their pet-friendly products.

IKEA Pet Bed
IKEA Pet Bed

Aside from furniture, LURVIG includes bowls, leashes, and pet carriers.

IKEA Pet Furniture Collection
IKEA Pet Furniture Collection
IKEA Pet Furniture Collection
IKEA Pet Furniture Collection
IKEA Pet Furniture Collection

LURVIG: Website
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