Illuminated Coffee Cups Are an Unconventional Stage for Dramatic Cut Paper Scenes

Look inside of a paper coffee cup and you might discover one of Anastassia Elias’ detailed artworks. Crafted inside of the unassuming vessels, the tiny worlds depict people talking, laughing, snapping photos, and of course, enjoying a hot beverage. Each piece is small enough to hold in your hand, allowing you to examine Elisas’ handiwork up close. It only makes the tiny cutouts and three-dimensional elements that much more impressive—the emotion she conveys through silhouettes is truly awe-inspiring.

Elias gives her pieces a theatrical feel with illumination. The bottom of the cups are removed and a light is shone through them, casting dramatic shadows that darken the characters and give them a strong visual presence. It creates the distinct feeling of a stage, as if these figures are actors and we’re their captivated audience.

Anastassia Elias: Website
via [Faith is Torment]

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