Illustrators Are Creating Tribute Art About the Australian Bushfires

People around the world are in shock and saddened by the news of Australia’s bushfires. The blazes have been roaring for months and the effects have been devastating. Currently, the fires have taken more than 18 million acres of land, displaced thousands of people (and in some cases, caused their death), and injured or killed millions upon millions of wild animals. And there is, unfortunately, no sign of the fires stopping yet (although some heavy rains might soon provide some relief).

For many folks, words fail to adequately express how upset they are about the bushfires and what this means for Australia moving forward. Artists are instead using images to convey their emotions and how their hearts ache for the people and creatures affected by this environmental catastrophe. The overwhelming visual response features compositions clad in reds, yellows, and oranges with koalas and kangaroos fighting for their lives as they watch their homes being destroyed. Each image communicates an intense sadness for the country and a powerful reminder to support local relief efforts.

People are expressing their sadness for the people and animals of Australia with poignant tribute art.


Do you have the means to help? Here are some organizations that are in need of donations:

New South Wales Rural Fire Service — This the world’s largest volunteer fire service that is helping to fight and contain the bushfires.

Australian Red Cross — The Australian Red Cross is on the ground assisting communities affected by the fires in many ways, including emergency cash assistance, psychological first aid, and supporting people at the evacuation centers.

Victorian Bushfire Appeal — The Victorian Bushfire Appeal helps communities that have been hurt by the bushfires. They provide financial assistance and donate 100% of the funds to communities in need.

Zoos Victoria — Zoos Victoria has established a Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund to help them prepare for the aftermath of the fires. They will use the money raised to fund emergency veterinary care as well as helping those animals whose habitats have been destroyed.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital — In the aftermath of the bushfires in the Port Macquarie area, the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital searched for koalas and brought them in to help dress their burns and rehydrate them. They have also installed drinking stations to areas that were burned. Their fundraiser has been beyond successful and they are planning to expand and start a Wild Koala Breeding Program.

RSPCA New South Wales — The RSPCA has rescue crews in the field to help people who are at evacuation centers keep their pets and livestock safe from the fires.

WIRES — This charity is rescuing and caring for as many sick, injured, and orphaned native animals as possible. By donating to their organization, you can aid them in their current efforts as well as in the future when they will support surviving wildlife after the fires die down.

GIVIT — GIVIT helps support people in need. They have the option of donating requested items or money which is used to purchase essential items.


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