“Impossible” Clear Jigsaw Puzzle Is the Ultimate Time-Killer

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle by Little Flower Pot Shop

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We thought we’d found the most challenging jigsaw puzzle ever when we came across the all-white, “pure hell” puzzle last week—but perhaps not. If you think a pictureless design is challenging enough, what about one with no picture or color? An Etsy store called Little Flower Pot Shop is selling a clear jigsaw puzzle made from transparent acrylic.

The clear, acrylic puzzle is available in 4 tiers of difficulty: “easy, okay, hard, and crazy.” The makers say, “Our impossibly difficult CLEAR jigsaw puzzle for adults comes in multiple sizes based on the level of intensity you’re willing to endure!” The “easy” version features just 9 pieces, while the “crazy” puzzle comprises 144 clear tiles. One baffled but satisfied buyer writes in a review, “I only have 2 pieces together so far, but I’m loving this!”

Jigsaw puzzles peaked in popularity during the Great Depression, but ever since the threat of COVID-19 has us staying at homes, their time-killing appeal is very real once again. For pro-puzzlers currently self-isolating and looking for a real challenge, this one is a clear-cut winner.

Feeling up to the challenge? You can now buy the “impossibly difficult” clear jigsaw puzzle on Etsy.

Etsy store Little Flower Pot Shop is selling a clear jigsaw puzzle made from transparent acrylic that’s “impossibly difficult” to complete.

Clear Jigsaw Puzzle by Little Flower Pot ShopClear Jigsaw Puzzle by Little Flower Pot ShopLittle Flower Pot Shop: Etsy
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All images via Little Flower Pot Shop.

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