Incredible Timelapse Captures Giant Cloudburst as it Moves Across a Lake

Tsunami from Heaven Cloudburst Timelapse

Particularly extreme weather events are often a reminder that Mother Nature is in charge. From heatwaves to hurricanes, there’s no stopping the wrath of the elements once they get going. Of course, many of these natural phenomenons can be dangerous for us human beings, but if they happen to occur away from civilization, they can simply be mesmerizing to observe from afar.

Photographer and founder of Visit Austria, Peter Maier, captured the incredible moment when a rainstorm suddenly roared across Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria. The captivating time-lapse video, titled Tsunami from Heaven, was first shot in 2018, but it’s recently resurfaced as a viral video.

The footage shows a huge, billowing cloudburst moving across the mountainscape before it suddenly floods the entire lake. Maier captured the event from the safety of Alpengasthof Bergfried hotel, where he had the perfect vantage point to watch the storm in all its rampaging glory.

Check out the full video below and find more of Maier’s videos on YouTube.

Photographer Peter Maier captured the incredible moment when a cloudburst suddenly roared across Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria.

Peter Maier: Instagram | YouTube
h/t: [PetaPixel]

All images via Peter Maier.

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